【WCS staff Jouney】 Report of 2019 Russian Preliminaries Part 1

Let’s start

Nice to meet you! I’m Kyouhei Takeyari. and I joined WCS on last March!

From march 30th until 31th, 2019 Russian preliminaries cosplay competition held inside of the event “Hinode Power Japan 2019”

As I went to see the Russian preliminaries, I would like to show you the event and what I saw with my own eyes there, my first qualifying contest!

About Russia

First of all, What kind of image do you have of Russia?

Even for me, a person who do backpacker trips, seems a far away country.

How about visa? Do I have to decide my route and where to stay before going there? I had such kind of image before.

However, when I went, it was surprisingly easy to get to, also it was Parent’s day on that day, and I felt it was a very close country, both in distance, and mentally!

First of all, you need a visa, but you can get it easily!

If you go to the most neat embassy or consulate, you can get the visa within 3 business days!

Just purchasing a voucher (about 15$), you can obtain a visa before buying your ticket or deciding your destination.

Yeah! Let’s go Russia

The Russian airline Aeroflot is quite comfortable!
It takes about 10 hours by direct flight to Moscow! I arrived at 13 o’clock !
The flight attendant was very pretty!

Arrival at Moscow!

Moscow was full of snow! But I immediately warmed out my body with Borsch!

The Dawn of Russia!

The early morning glow I saw as I reluctantly opened my eyes

About Hinode Power Japan 2019

“Hinode Power Japan 2019” is an event about Japanese traditional culture and subculture. There is a stage for Japanese performers, lectures made by experts in each field…

A Japanese culture introduction festival where you can get in touch with Japanese culture directly.

This event was hold for first time eight years ago! At the first event there were only 1,200 participants, but now more than 34,000 people visit it in two days!

About the venue

The event venue is VVts All Russian Exhibition Centre, which is the largest expo venue in Moscow, and is very easy to reach there from the city by subway, just about 30 minutes far. There are various pavilions, science and technology application centers, shopping mall and amusement parks, about 25 million people visited it every year!
The largest pavilion at the venue is NO.75, it was finished in 2008 and is 50,000 square meters. It is often used for events such as large expos and conferences, and seems to be the most popular venue in Russia.

Before starting the event

Situation before the opening. The security check at the entrance was very crowded.
A long queue at the entrance!

Event starts!

There were many cosplayers at the event venue.

Cosplay Contest

Another cosplay contest was also held along with the cosplay summit!
They shown their cosplay on the stage of about 1 minute! The number of people who participate is from 1 up to a group of 3 people, and you can participate even if you don’t have your own made costume!

A lots of people were enjoying the cosplay contest, more than 40 teams participated!

The audience also enjoyed the show so much!!


This year in Russia is the ‘year of theater’,for that reason on the stage, there was a tailor-made story where various performers meet some Japanese performers in their visit to Japan! The theme of the first day was “”Traditional Japan””, and the theme of the second day was “”Modern Japan””
Taiko, Hero Show, Kendama, Shamisen, Chopsticks…In this event you can enjoy any type of Japanese culture.

Another things about the venue

The venue had a lot of Japanese contents!

Origami, calligraphy classes and also you could play Go and Shogi!
We enjoyed the latest game releases in the big booty runned by Nintendo

There were also many shops where you can buy Japanese sweets, goods and figures! They also sell some cosplay weapons.

And of course you also could enjoy the japanese cuisine! Like ramen, takoyaki, matcha…!

Cosplay Summit costume examination

All the teams are very serious about this costume contest, cosplay review is one of the keys for win!

This time a local preclassification was hold and only 22 teams gathered for this final in Moscow

The judges are also excited with the cosplay examination!

The judge check many things like for example, how was made it, which materials, the cosplay’s parts you can’t see from the back…

The decisive battle continues on the second day!

Photos and text by Kyouhei Takeyari
Edit by Emiko Yoshida